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Your First Visit

We ask that patients arrive fifteen minutes early for their first visit so that they can give us their medical history and dental insurance information. We also have patient forms available to download from this website to complete at home for your convenience. Please bring a list of any medications you are taking as well as employer and dental insurance information. If you are a patient who requires pre-medication for treatment please be sure to advise us when you call schedule your appointment.

Radiographs or x-rays help us to identify problems and treat them before they become serious. Besides detecting cavities, they help us to discover cysts, abscesses or tumors which patients may not be aware of and to assess gum disease. They also help us to spot malformed or impacted teeth. There are different types of x-rays we take based on the type of treatment you may require. A full set of x-rays is usually taken every 3-5 years and other “check-up” films are taken at your regular hygiene appointment. A panoramic x-ray is usually taken for information in the placement of implants or TMJ issues.

As a patient new to Cosmetic Dental, you may already have had some of these x-rays taken recently. You can request these films from your previous dentist and either have them sent here or you may bring them on your first visit.

Therefore, at the first visit we will take x-rays if they are needed and perform a thorough examination of the teeth and gums and any existing crowns, bridges or dentures. Doctor would like to know about your concerns, expectations and what your plans are for dental work. Then he will discuss the findings of the x-rays and the exam with you. If there is more than one treatment alternative, they will all be discussed with you.

Finally, Doctor will prepare a list of his treatment recommendations. This treatment plan also includes the fees for each procedure and the sequence in which they will be completed. This provides each patient with the opportunity to ask any questions regarding either the procedures planned or the cost associated with the treatment. We want all of our patients to understand the what, why and how of their individual comprehensive treatment plan options not only from a clinical perspective but from a financial viewpoint as well. It is important for us to help you to acheive your dental goals and we will help to provide you the tools and options to do so. Cosmetic Dental has programs and options for interest free financing. Please be sure to ask about them when you are here in the office.


Office hours are by appointment only according to the hours listed on this website. To schedule an appointment either for a visit with Doctor , our hygienist Aimee or for a denture repair, please call 732-345-8460. Please give the appointment coordinator a brief description of your dental needs so that she will know best how to place you in the schedule. Be prepared to offer information about your general health or dental history that may prove helpful to her in determining if you have special needs.

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please give us at least 24 hours notice. That way we can schedule another patient who needs to see Doctor and you may avoid any charges for a missed appointment.


We make every effort to accommodate patients with toothaches or other emergencies into our schedule on the day they call. Doctor will determine the cause of the emergency and provide treatment as indicated to alleviate the pain and/or discomfort for the patient. Other appointments may be necessary to complete the treatment that was begun on the emergency visit.

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